10 Timeless Style Rules

Masculine culture is currently in nostalgia mode. Heralding back to the days of textured tweeds, elaborate facial hair, and even an uptick in the lumberjack and black smithing trades. Menswear is not immune to this but just like any trend it’s bound to die out and we’ll move onto the next one. It’s a frightening thought for some men to think that their clothing may be in the same perpetually out of date boat as their latest electronic. However, without many variations available on our attire, the differences are usually a matter of a button or two on the jacket the width of your trousers. Regardless of what is walking down runways and red carpets that year there will be menswear rules that hold true no matter the trend. 

  1. A navy blue suit is appropriate for any event that requires a jacket. 
  2. Jacket sleeves should allow 1/4″-1/2″ of shirt cuff to show and slacks should have a “one break”. If this isn’t the case see a tailor. 
  3. Your belt matches your shoes and your socks match your trousers. 
  4. Tie and pocket squares made of the same material should NEVER be worn together. 
  5. Your tie and lapel should be proportionate. 
  6. Unpolished dress shoes ruin a good suit. 
  7. Black is for funerals only. Tuxedos exempt. 
  8. A proper tuxedo is worn with a bow tie. 
  9. A white dress shirt is always appropriate. 
  10. Put on your clothes and forget all about them. Confidence is your most important accessory and you can’t have the swagger of an Italian if you’re worried about everything staying perfectly in place. 

There are plenty more rules that could be added to this list but let’s start slow. Now take rules and get them tattooed on your forearm. Leave a little space though, there’s more rules to come. 


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