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8 Key Wardrobe Staples

Wardrobe building can be a very daunting task. Where do we turn for help? Fashion magazines mostly focus on new trends. Specific items that are a must for the season. This is great advice on how to ENHANCE your style but you have to start somewhere if you intend to build onto it. The basic foundation for your closet will of course vary depending on your lifestyle but these 8 pieces will put you in the best position regardless of where life takes you.img_0557

Navy suit

Look 75 years in the past and 75 years in the future and I guarantee navy suits are in style. Cut simply, with two buttons and a notch lapel and flat front trousers,this two (or three piece) garment can carry you from the office, to a date,  a funeral (hopefully not all in one day or that order). The jacket can even be paired with contrasting pants for a more casual look and, when traveling, a lighter suitcase.

Grey trousers

Grey worsted wool trousers with a flat front or single pleat are the perfect pant to transform your navy suit jacket to a more nautical and casual navy blazer. They can be worn with any color of dress shoe and easily compliment any lifestyle.

Dark wash jeans 

We all have jeans. ‘Do you have the right jeans?’ is the real question. While light wash jeans are most guy’s go to choice they only work for some occasions and different washes come and go with fashion. Whereas their unwashed, unfaded, raw denim counterpart can do all the work of the light while looking better and more timeless. Not to mention the only choice when wearing a sport coat. So twice the work with only one pair. When you’re just starting out, versatility should always be the goal.

White dress shirt


Textured tie

Why textured? Versatility. While your silk paisley tie looks rad at the office it’s not the best choice for a dinner when you’re wearing jeans and a blazer. If you’re going to only have one tie (for whatever awful reason that may be) it should be something that is simple but with a bit of grit. Knit ties, linen, cotton, or wool blend ties in a dark subtle color like navy, charcoal, or burgundy can fit into any environment. You can wear it with a navy suit to the office and undo your collar and loosen your tie with a pair of jeans and sneakers for when you head out after.

Solid t-shirt

Few items are more American than the t-shirt. Paired with jeans or a blazer it’s a guys most comfortable and reliable item of clothing. A muted color will allow you to wear it with multiple different combinations. If going with white, choosing a shirt with a pocket can save you from looking like your wearing an undershirt.

Brown brogues 

Black shoes are great and all but the Italians have the right idea by going with the more rakish brown. It’s not as conservative as black but can still be serious. Styled in a classic wingtip or cap toe with broguing is my personal favorite but something in a plain toe is a great option as well.

Canvas sneakers 

Sneakers are one thing that change far too often to keep up with. But they are a necessity for every guy. So in looking at history the plimsoll (i.e. Vans authentics, Keds) is the tried and true victor. Due to its versatility for temperature due to the breathability of the canvas material and simple style there’s not really a wrong way to wear it.


10 Timeless Style Rules

Masculine culture is currently in nostalgia mode. Heralding back to the days of textured tweeds, elaborate facial hair, and even an uptick in the lumberjack and black smithing trades. Menswear is not immune to this but just like any trend it’s bound to die out and we’ll move onto the next one. It’s a frightening thought for some men to think that their clothing may be in the same perpetually out of date boat as their latest electronic. However, without many variations available on our attire, the differences are usually a matter of a button or two on the jacket the width of your trousers. Regardless of what is walking down runways and red carpets that year there will be menswear rules that hold true no matter the trend. 

  1. A navy blue suit is appropriate for any event that requires a jacket. 
  2. Jacket sleeves should allow 1/4″-1/2″ of shirt cuff to show and slacks should have a “one break”. If this isn’t the case see a tailor. 
  3. Your belt matches your shoes and your socks match your trousers. 
  4. Tie and pocket squares made of the same material should NEVER be worn together. 
  5. Your tie and lapel should be proportionate. 
  6. Unpolished dress shoes ruin a good suit. 
  7. Black is for funerals only. Tuxedos exempt. 
  8. A proper tuxedo is worn with a bow tie. 
  9. A white dress shirt is always appropriate. 
  10. Put on your clothes and forget all about them. Confidence is your most important accessory and you can’t have the swagger of an Italian if you’re worried about everything staying perfectly in place. 

There are plenty more rules that could be added to this list but let’s start slow. Now take rules and get them tattooed on your forearm. Leave a little space though, there’s more rules to come. 


Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Jessie Grey and I am a men’s clothing professional living in Illinois. I’ve been working with clothing for almost a decade and have been wearing clothes since birth. If you’re a modern American gentleman tired of sifting through superfluous trends and fashion sites designed for European men in speedos and spray tans then you’ve found your place. My writing does focus on trends as fashion is inherently trendy (nothing is 100% timeless) but keeps a firm footing in history, classics, and clothing that is appropriate and wearable for every guy.